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Results: Best Elgar Performance (1st Edition 2017)

We are thrilled to announce the results of the 1st edition of the international competition for young instrumentalists and singers Best Elgar Performance.

Congratulations to all winners!

Best Elgar Performance is a member of Best Performance Competition Series. All of the competitions in this series are designed in such a way that the award winners will be announced annually on the composers' birthdays. Today is June 2, 2017 - Sir Edward William Elgar's 160th anniversary. Happy Birthday Elgar!

We encourage all of the participants who didn't make it to the final round. Don't lose hope, keep trying.



Chiara Borghese
Italy, violin

Christine Roberts
USA, vocal

HeeSun Yang
USA, South Korea, viola

Ryan Har
USA, cello


Isabella Liu
USA, cello

Phillip Suwandi
USA, cello


Ko-Wei Chang
USA/Taiwan, cello

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