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Tomás Restrepo

Tomás Restrepo Cardona was born in Medellín, Colombia in 2006. His interest in music began with his family through singing and then the guitar. When he was six he became interested in the violin and soon afterward began lessons with Braunwin Sheldrick using the Suzuki Method. Later, he continued his studies with Dr. Sheldrick at the pre-college division of EAFIT University. Tomás is also a member of the Iberacademy Orchestra.

 In 2017 he participated as a soloist with the EAFIT Symphony Orchestra where he performed the first movement of the concerto in A minor by A. Vivaldi.

 In 2018 he attended the Chicago Suzuki Institute, first in the Chamber Music Program and then, in 2019, in the Advanced Program. Also in 2018 he participated in the Violiníssimo competition, held in Medellín, where he was the winner in his category, ages 11 to 13.

 In 2019 he took part in “La semana de las cuerdas”, held in Medellín, and played as a soloist in the final concert. Later that year he performed the concerto for two violins in D minor by J.S. Bach, again with the EAFIT Symphony Orchestra. He participated as a soloist with the Medellín Philharmonic Orchestra where he performed the Concerto for Two Violins by Juan Pablo Cardona. In December of that same year, he traveled with the Iberacademy Orchestra to Canada to give two concerts, in Ottawa and Montreal.

In 2020 he won second prize in the "Best Kabalevsky Performance" as part of the "Great Composers Competition Series."

Tomás was homeschooled throughout elementary school and is currently in eighth grade at the Skolmi Virtual School. This has allowed him to continue his academic studies while he dedicates himself to the study of music.

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