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Before proceeding please read carefully the instructions at the bottom of this web page. 

Best Performance competition series
(Best Mozart Performance, Best Schubert Performance, Best Chopin Performance...)

Rising Talents of the World series
(Rising Talents of Americas, Rising Talents of Europe, Rising Talents of Asia & Oceania, Rising Talents of Africa)

The Music of the Centuries competition series
(The Music of 17th Century, The Music of 18th Century, The Music of 19th Century, The Music of 20th Century)

The Music of Europe competition series
(The Music of Germany & Austria, The Music of Eastern Europe, The Music of Mediterranean Europe, The Music of Northern Europe)

The Music of America

The Art of Instrumental Performance competition series
(The Art of Piano, The Art of Strings, The Art of Winds & Percussion, The Art of Chamber Music)

The Art of Vocal Performance competition series
(The Art of Musical Theatre, The Art of Opera, The Art of Art Song)

Masters of Concerto competition series
(Masters of Piano Concerto, Masters of Violin Concerto, Masters of Cello Concerto, Masters of Winds Concerto)

Masters of Sonata competition series
(Masters of Piano Sonata, Masters of Violin Sonata)


Please read the following instructions carefully before filling out the Application Form.
  • Please fill out the Application Form in English language.
  • Do not use ALL CAPS. Examples - correctly: John Smith; incorrectly: JOHN SMITH
  • Write your name in the following format: First Name Last Name and not vice versa. Do not use alias. Do not use abbreviations (for example J. Smith). Do not use titles (for example Mr/Ms Smith etc).
  • Repertoire & Web Links: the piece and link(s) should be the same as the submitted for the first round (pre-screening).
  • In the Application Form you'll find a space where you can tell us something about yourself (contestant's biography).  Please note that we won't accept biographies sent by email or otherwise at a later stage. If you want to tell us something about yourself do it when you're filling out the Application Form.
  • When will I receive my application confirmation?
    After you click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the Application Form you'll see the following message: "Thank you. We have received your registration." (screenshot below)

As seen from the screenshot above you'll be given two more options:
- You can edit your response and re-submit. That's useful if you realize that something is missing or wrong.
- You can submit another response. That's useful if you want to fill out more than one application form. For example you are a parent with two or more kids approved to continue to the second round.

Photo Instructions: 
You have to send us your portrait photo by email to complete the application process. After you submit the Application Form, please send your photo to this email address: [email protected]

- Image file size: Before sending check the image file size. Please resize your photo if it exceeds 1.5 MB in size.
- Image file name: Before sending check the image file name. The file name should include Your Name and nothing more. 
- Image file format: We accept JPEG and PNG files only.
- Do not submit more than 1 photo.

Thank you for your interest in our competitions.

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