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Albena Deneva

Albena Peteva Deneva (2008, Sofia), Piano 

National Music School, Sofia, Bulgaria, in the piano class of Prof. Milena Pavlova 

Albena Deneva started her piano education at the age of six. Her musical talent was noticed from an young age and since she participated in multiple international and National piano competitions, festivals and masterclasses.   

Young Performers of Classical Musical Instruments  Bulgaria, 2015 Second Prize

International Music Competition  Serbia, 2016 First Prize

National Competition for Young pianists Stella Oslekova Bulgaria, 2018  Third prize

CA AVE  MUSIC  I international On line Music competition Turkey  - Russia, 2020 Second Prize

Malta  International  Music  Competition On line  Malta 2020  Third prize


The American Protégé International Competition of Romantic Music, 2020 Second Prize

XV International Competition for Young Performers of Classical Musical Instruments - May 14-16, 2021, Pernik  Third prize

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