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Zhen Yu Sheng

Alex Sheng ( Zhen  Yu  Sheng is Chinese name ) was born in NanJing (26/03/2008 )and moved to ShangHai (26/03/2020 )China . He studied all round music with Germen Orff at 3 years old , He was selected to join music funding by Pre--Shanghai City Choir at 5 years old , At the age of 10.6, he came to UK. he showed music talent in Aldro , At 11 years old , he started to study piano and clarinet in Aldro. he has won prizes UK and China international competition within a year in UK , At 12.5 years old, he has achieved ABRSM grade 8 with Piano and Clarinet , Grade 7 with Singing . 

Now, Alex Sheng study in The Pilgrims' School , he joined lots music Charitable project , such as www.wingsofmusichk.org; London Chinese Children's Ensemble ,UK Beijing Music &Arts Centre ;He leads Moon Tuition Virtual Concert in UK , He also organize music charity for UK church , He will manage his music funding at 16 year old . 

To keep in touch with Alex Sheng , and stay up to date with his latest video and news, you can subscribe to the youtube channel  Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD9R5g-X4kLL4dL_3R1IkNg

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