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Yulania Wang

 Yulania Wang is currently a seventh-grade student at Roberto Clemente Middle School Magnet Program in Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science in Germantown, Maryland.  Yulania has been taking piano lessons with Dr. Marjorie Lee's studio since the summer of 2015.  She has won first-places at the 2016 North Virginia Music Teacher Association (NVMTA) Piano Concerto Festival and the 2018 Maryland State Music Teacher Association (MSMTA) Piano Solo Festival; second places at 2015 Young Musicians Inspiring Change (YMIC) Piano Solo Competition, 2016 International Young Artist Piano Competition (IYAPC), and 2017 Asian American Music Society (AAMS) Pee Wee Division; an 3rd places in 2016 Hartman Awards, 2019 MSMTA Piano Solo Festival, and 2019 AAMS Junior Divison.  In addition, Yulania received honorable mentions and honors in many local piano competitions and judged recitals. In addition to piano, Yulania has been taking clarinet lessons with Mr. Kenneth Lee since 2018.  She also loves reading, writing, and swimming.

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