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Yixuan Han

Yixuan Han was born in July, 2006. She started to learn violin at the age of six. She has been under the tutelage of Mr. Chaoyang Lin, a famous violin educator, a performer and a composer. In September 2018, Han was accepted to Central Conservatory of Music Middle School. She has  great passion for classic music and has been pursuing her music dream.

Awards and Honors 

In 2020, U.S. International Open Music Competition, 

Young Prodigy Category, First Place; Romantic Category, First Place;

Baroque Category, First Place;

 In 2019, The 1st China Korea International Violin Competition, Competition of Trials in China, Junior Group, Gold Award;

In 2019, as an excellent Competition winner, Han was invited by Beijing Music Association Youth Violin Education Association to play soloist at 2019 New Year's Concert.

In 2018, 2015 and 2014, Golden Beijing Violin Competitions, Solo Competition, (3 competitions) Gold Award; 

In 2015, The Asia Music Competition, 

Solo Category, Gold Award;

Chamber Music Category, Silver Award;

 In 2015, China Youth Chinese Music Works Violin Competition, 

Solo Violin,Gold Award;

Ensemble Category , Gold Award;

Music Festivals

In August 2020, she attended Wittenberg International Music Festival and gave shows.

In January 2020, she attended Wittenberg International Winter Music Camp in Suzhou City;

Solo Performance Experiences

In December 2019, she performed solo at the Concert of Outstanding Students at Conservatory of Music Middle School.

In May, November, December 2019, Han gave three solo performances at Conservatory Music Concert Hall.

Chamber Music Experiences

In June 2019, Han played piano four hands at Excellent Student Concert at the conservatory concert hall.

In November 2019, Han played piano trio at the Chamber Concert of Outstanding Students at the conservatory concert Hall.

Closing Ceremony Performance 

In August 2015, Performed at the Asia Music Competition Closing Ceremony in Taiwan. 

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