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Yinuo Fang


My name is Yinuo Fang,I was born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province,China in 06th November 2006. At the age of 4, I began to learn piano. At the age of 7, I entered Wenzhou junior art school and start to learn violin. In 2019, I was admitted to the Central Conservatory of music affiliated middle school, under the guidance of Professor Chen Xi and Professor Xie Haoming.

The following is the history of the competition and the award rankings I participated in these years,

In July 2014, I took part in the Fourth Piano Competition of Wenzhou City and won the first prize of 6-8-year-old group with the first prize;

In July 2014, I participated in the gold award of violin project group B and Piano project group B Gold Award of the fifth ""little performer"" Zhejiang competition area hosted by China children's Music Association.

The first prize of violin at the 11th Serbia International Competition in 2020.

The first prize of the first Brussels International Music Festival Competition in 2020.

2020 Malta International Music Competition Third Class Solo Second Prize.

The First prize in the 2020 San Francisco International Innovative Music Competition.

The first prize of the 2020 American Golden Classical Music Awards and the opportunity to perform at the Carnegie Hall.

The third prize in Group B in the 2020 first Italian ""Napolinova"" World Violin Network Competition.

In recent years, she has received careful guidance from many internationally renowned experts, including Boris Kuschnir, Zakhar Bron, Paul Roczek, Sergey Dogadin, Lin Zhaoliang, Ning Feng, Hu Kun, etc.

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