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Yeon Woo (Rachel) Cho


Yeon Woo (Rachel Cho) was born on May 24, 2002 in Gunpo, Korea. She has been playing violin since she was five.

In 2012, she was accepted as a member of the Orchestra of Sungnam Jungja Elementary School, continued to become first chair of second violin in 2013, and concertmaster in 2014. While she was in the orchestra for three years, Sungnam Jungja Elementary School won 1st place in the National elementary school orchestra competition three years in a row.

She continued to play violin in Sunhwa Arts School in Korea from 2015 to 2016.

After moving to America in 2016, Rachel enrolled in Stoneleigh Burnham School Chamber group. She had her first solo recital at Stoneleigh Burnham School in 2018. After moving once more to Lexington, MA, she started lessons with Fudeko Cohler of NEC. She was accepted as a member of Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra. In February of 2020, she earned an opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall as a member of The High School Honors Performance Series New York. 

Rachel’s junior year was the most flourishing year for her musical career, starting with getting first chair of second violin for the first concert of Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra. She was

selected as the concertmaster in Lexington High School Symphony Orchestra multiple times, playing solo parts for the performances, she also got into the Senior Festival String Orchestra hosted by MMEA Northeastern District. She joined a private chamber group which was founded by her musician friends and performed in a residence house in Lexington, MA for community service. She worked as a tutor for elementary and middle schoolers in the town, helping them to learn town orchestra music.

She is currently continuing her career as she plans to major in music in college.

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