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Wenfu Wang


Wenfu Wang, currently studying at the Fine Arts School Of SHANDONG University, he is the principal oboe principal of the Shandong University Symphony Orchestra. He has participated in many performances with the orchestra and achieved complete success. During the school period, he was invited to serve as the guest oboe principal of the Shandong Philharmonic Orchestra and Shandong Youth Symphony Orchestra. Invited to participate in the performance of social welfare orchestras for many times; participated in many competitions and won awards: won the first prize in the oboe group of the "Grand Prize Virtuoso" in Bonn, Germany in 2020; the first prize in the adult group of wind instruments in the 2020 Moscow Music Fantasia International Musician Competition in Russia; the second prize in the wind instruments 19-21 years old group in the 2020 Russian International Moscow Music Competition ; The second prize of Wind Instrument Group D in the 5th Hungarian Danube Talents International Music Competition in 2020; To improve himself, he went to Beijing many times Participated in oboe learning, now under the tutelage of Professor Lin Qing at the Leipzig Conservatory of Music in Germany. He once performed on the same stage with the oboe principal teacher Zhang Zhengdi of the China Philharmonic Orchestra.

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