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Violetta Borecka


Violetta was born in 2008 in Poznan. She started playing piano at the age of 6  in Music Primary School. A year later  fulfilled her dream- she has begun to play the violin . Violetta has participated in numerous piano and violin competitions in Poland, as well as abroad, among others in Italy, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Croatia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. She has received top prizes and awards in the VII International  Competition "GLORIA- ART" 2020 (Russia), Muse Competition (Athens 2020), XXVI International Competition Musical Performance Anemos  (Rome 2019), International Piano Competition „Broumovská, klávesa” (Czech Republic 2019 ), X International Competition of Modern Spiritual and Polyphonic Music "Polyphonica" (St.-Petersburg 2019), “ V Concurso International  de Piano Gran Klavier Ciudad de Alcala (Spain 2018), 22 International Competition of Bohdan Warchal “TALENTS FOR EUROPE ” (Slovakia2018), International Competition for Violinists and  for Violins „PRESTO” (Poland 2018) and others. She is a laureate of several artistic  scholarships (“Puer Docilis”, „Vividus”, „USKI Poland”). From an early age Violetta has given many public and charity  performances. She had the pleasure of performing at various international venues including the E.Morricone Auditorium in Rome, the Concert Hall of the Musical and Pedagogical College in St. Petersburg, Dřevník Hall of  the Monastery Broumov in Slovakia,  the  Aula de Musica Alcala de Henares in Madrid, the Children's Art School in Lviv . In Poland, she has performed at the White Room of the Poznan City Hall, the Glabiszow Palace, the Jankowice Palace, the F.Nowowiejski Music Salon in Poznan, the Gorkow Castle, Poznan Academy of Music, Chopin Centre Szafarnia and others. Violetta enjoys music and it has always been a part of her life.

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