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Thomas Sinclair


Thomas has been singing and/or playing music of one form or another since before he could talk.  His formal musical education in piano started at 5 years old with the Suzuki method while we were living in Japan.  He went to a Japanese kindergarten where at one point he was fluent in Japanese. He has had several piano instructors over the years in Japan, the Philippines, and here in the US.  Most recently he became affiliated with the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University and is currently in their Young Pianist Program.  Thomas has played live on many occassions and in many venues.  He's won various piano competitions.  He's played sacred songs many times in church and plays at both a Catholic Church and Presbetyrian Church regularly. Most recently he played a duo with his teacher in church, she on organ, he on piano.  He's entertained at parties, at a few of the local senior citizen communities, and at the University of Arkansas Cancer Institute.  He's been told he has a perfect pitch ear. He can play almost any song he hears simply by hearing it once.  He's playing Christmas songs now of course because tis the season.  He's won his school talent competition 2 years running.  He's in the Gifted and Talented Program, plays percussion in his band class, and is the current two time school and county Spelling Bee Champion. But not only that, he is also the current Arkansas State Spelling Bee Champion. Unfortunately, the Scripps National Spelling Bee was cancelled this year. Thomas takes all this in stride and is a very normal kid.  He loves to play video games, watch movies, visit with his friends, while having a wide musical interest.

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