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Sophia Wang

 Sophia Wang is a 11-year-old 5th grader at Oak Hill Elementary School in Herndon, Virginia in US. She has played piano for six years and has studied with Silva Blazquez since 2014. Sophia has constantly participated in local piano competitions and has been awarded in NVMTA Judged Recitals, NVMTA Sonata Festival, WMTA Modern Piano Music Competition, NVMTA Piano Ensemble Competition and Piano Concerto Festival etc. She also enjoys playing the piano in local retirement communities to spread the music and joy to the seniors.  Sophia is artistically involved outside of piano- She played the violin in school strings. She likes singing and drawing. She has attended choir for 6 years and is currently a Bella Voce member of World Children’s Choir. Her drawings have been chosen to publish in Children’s Connection in local newspaper a few times and have won awards in art contests from time to time. 

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