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Nathan Choe

 Nathan Choe, 15 years old, is a rising star in the cello world and an accomplished YouTube Content Creator (YouTuber) with hundreds of millions of views. He was born in Pittsburgh, PA to Korean- American Parents. Nathan is a current student of Adam Liu, assistant principal cello of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and a professor at the Duquesne Marry Pappert School of Music. Nathan began his cello studies at the age of seven with Paula Tuttle at Carnegie Mellon University’s Music Preparatory School and has played with Carnegie Mellon’s Young Artist Orchestra. He also has served as the principal cello for the Symphonette of the Three Rivers Young Peoples Orchestra and recently joined the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra under the direction of conductor Earl Lee.  Nathan is a freshman at North Allegheny high school and likes to play golf and do Taekwondo. When Nathan is not playing cello, he enjoys making short animation films and videos for his almost 1 million subscriber YouTube channel. As a cellist and a social influencer, Nathan has a passion for creating innovative musical content on his YouTube Channel to help others enjoy classical music. 

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