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Mikolaj Kotarski

Mikołaj Kotarski

 I've been playing horn for 9 years. Also I'm acting in a theatre in many plays. These are musicals, so i can sing. I do have my own rock band and we play our original music and covers (for example Led Zeppelin). We are going to release the single soon. To be honest, music is my whole life and i can't live without it. Sometimes, when I forget my headphones, I don't know what to do. I listen many genres of music from classical to metal . I think rock from the '70 and jazz are my favourite one. Playing horn gives me a lot of fun and sadisfaction. I love the fact in this instrument that it can play very loud and very soft and also very high and very low. 

 The sound of a horn is so beautiful. It gives you many sad and happy emotions. I love it 

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