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Matthew Liu

 Matthew Liu, age 13, has been studying piano for 8 years and is currently a student of Professor Jack Winerock at the University of Kansas. Best known for his energetic play and musical interpretation, Matthew has won top prizes at many international piano competitions, including International Keyboard Odyssiad® & Festival in Fort Collins, International Young Artist Piano Competition in Washington DC, Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition in Indiana, Kaufman International Youth Piano Competition in New York City, and Los Angeles Young Musicians International Competition. In 2019, he won the Midwestern Chamber youth concerto competition, and KC Star commended his performance as “dazzling, …, the music played expressively, … a joy to hear”, and “was phenomenal”. In 2020, he won the best Chopin prize in MTNA Junior Piano, was accepted into the final solo rounds of Gina Bachauer International piano competition (postponed to June 2021), won the first prize at 35th International Young Artist Piano Competition and second prize at the 2nd Conero International Piano Competition. Besides piano, Matthew enjoys soccer, tennis, reading, and spending time with friends and families.

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