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Lucas McCaffrey


Hello, I am Lucas McCaffrey (14 years old)from California in the United States. I go to an Arts School called Oakland School for the Arts. I have been with a new piano teacher for over a year now, after learning with the Yamaha method for 5 years. I am now working hard and learning as much as I can from my new teacher, Meikui Matsushima from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. This piece is special to me as my mom is from Argentina and tango's are played and danced in Argentina. I tried to recreate the idea of someone dancing to the tango as I played, I imagined cats striding back and forth along with the music and people dancing along. Some other things about me are: I play the Indian drum (murdung)  and I am learning guitar in my arts school as an elective. I also mountain bike and do magic tricks with cards as hobbies in my free time. This is my first time being in a piano competition and I happy I made it past the pre screening and hope to do well in the final round. 

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