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Lorijana Laurinskaite


Fourth-year bachelor degree student of singing in Lithuanian music and theatre academy (singing teacher assoc. prof. A. Stasiūnaitė – Čepulkauskienė) is self-motivated and enthusiastic, with great time and workload management skills. Gifted beginner singer with strong vocal training basic and developed voice is always ready to improve technique and artistic. Facing new challenges and achieving goals to excellence is fundamental elements of daily life. Enjoys attending concerts, competitions such as „Vinces Jonuskaites – Zaunienės singer compertition“, music competition „With music through Europe“ and others. Also constant participant in concerts organized by Lithuanian music and theatre academy and Taurages municipality, the palace of culture. Beside that, active participant in vocal performance department organised concerts, masterclasses, seminars and auditions. Achieved  best results in course three years in a row and because of that elected as a head of singing class, course and received academy scholarship. 

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