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Kingsley Hsu

My name is Kingsley, I am 8 years old boy from Australia, I love animals, cycling, karate, roller skating, badmintons, TV games, music, going to school and making food etc., I am interested in technology and things about human bodies. I love and enjoy doing anything with my family. 

I started playing piano at the age of 6 in a group piano lesson at school, since then I have great interest in piano.  My favourite composers are Beethoven, Chopin, Franz Liszt, Mozart, Clementi etc., below are some of my achievements: 

- Second Prize at Melbourne International Piano & Strings Festival Competition 2019 

- Silver Award at WPTA Singapore International Music Competition 2019 

- Silver Prize at WPTA Finland International Piano Competition 2020 

- Second Prize at Hong Kong Pacific Piano Open Competition 2020 

- First Prize at MUSE International Music Competition 2020 

- First Prize at Golden Classical Music Award International Competition 2020 

- First Prize of Best Shostakovich Performance at Great Composers Competition 2020 

- First Prize of Masters of Piano Sonata at Great Composers Competition 2020 

- Gold Award and Winner of Category B at Music@e-Contest 2020 

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