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Kayla Fang


Kayla Fang is a second-grade student from Newton, Massachusetts. At age 4, Kayla started taking piano lessons and has since been truly enjoying her musical journey. During the past few years, Kayla has won awards in piano competitions including American Protégé Music Talent competition (2nd place), Elite International Music Competition (1st place), Bay State Piano Contest by Massachusetts Music Teacher Association (2nd place) and Global Outstanding Chinese Youth Pianist (GOCCA) competition (1st and 2nd places). Kayla performed at winners’ recitals at Carnegie Hall in 2018 and 2019 and played her first solo concerto with New York International Orchestra at the 2019 New York Big Apple Music Festival. Kayla also plays regularly at charity events and nursing homes in the Boston area.  Other than piano, Kayla enjoys singing, drawing and ballet dancing and is a book enthusiast.  

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