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Kate Liang


My name is Kate Liang, and I am a sophomore at Aurora High School in Ohio, where my favorite classes are biology and math.  Music has always been particularly important in my life.  I began playing piano at age 4 and started voice lessons around age 9.  I am currently enrolled at the Aurora School of Music and sing in the Chamber Choir at school.  I have a broad range of musical interests, ranging from Caterina Valente to Dodie, and, more recently, opera.  I am also interested in musical theatre, having played key roles in school and local theatre productions.  For example, I played Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Ursula in The Little Mermaid.

Outside of music, theatre, and school, I participate in several additional activities.  I have been on a FIRST Robotics team every year since 4th grade.  Our team has advanced to the state competition 6 times, and to the international tournament once.  This has been a wonderful way to build teamwork, gracious professionalism, and mentoring skills.  During this same time, I participated in Destination Imagination (DI).  Our DI team has advanced to the state-level twice.  Finally, I have remained active in volunteer activities within my community, helping at the Cleveland Food Bank and with our local community food assistance program.  I have found this particularly rewarding during COVID, as the need in our neighborhood and surrounding areas has grown.

I’d like to add a special thank you to my voice teacher, Hannah Flower, my piano teacher, Will Hamilton, the owner of the Aurora School of Music, Vera Holczer, and my family for their continued support.

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