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Kaiyuan Nan

       Kaiyuan Nan, 14, has been an avid piano player since the age of 6. For the past 6 years, he has been under the tutelage of Dr. Yumei Huang. He has enjoyed his full 5 years as a National and International Guild Member. Despite this being his first piano competition, Kai has continuously strived to be the best. He hopes to continue his pursuit in becoming an exceptional musician. He is currently an 8th Grader at United Middle School. 

     Apart from piano, Kai is extremely involved with extracurricular activities. He regularly receives distinguished awards from numerous events. These include Mathcount competitions, Spelling Bees, and swimming meets. Kai fully believes that by integrating his pursuance of knowledge along with his passion for music will be of utmost importance to a successful future.  

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