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Isaac Sohn


“Where words fail, music speaks"

It is my favorite music quote about music by the world famous story writer, Hans Christian Andersen, better known as the creator of Hansel and Gretel. It was not very long ago when I read this quote. This quote fascinated me immediately because this is the true power of music that any words can not have. Especially how music connects me with myself and with people in the society and the world.

My journey to the world of music started with a simple opportunity my parents provided for me, a piano lesson. I was 5 when my parents put me in a piano lesson.

They thought it would be helpful for my emotional and psychological development. I enjoyed learning how to play  piano and was just so much fun to learn how the piano made such a beautiful sound at the beginning. Then as I practiced more and learned more songs and major pieces, I began to learn how I can express my feelings through the music and the songs that I play. I have tried different instruments such as trumpet and drums to see if I like their sounds and if they can be my voice to show my feelings. They have unique voices of their own but piano was the best one for me. It has not been an easy journey. It took a huge amount of time and effort to understand the songs and practice to be able to make it my own piece. The piece that can be the voice of my feelings and character. Even after long hours of practice with love of music, any competition can be a very nerve breaking experience.

I used to get nervous at the competition because no one talks and everyone is very serious. Once I realized that music is the voice of each one of the people at the competition, I became a lot more confident about entering the competitions. It looks like no one is communicating with their words but actually everyone is communicating through their music. The music is their unique voice and ways to show themselves. I just have to be myself and the “music speaks”. Now I have learned how to enjoy the competition. It is like meeting new people with different colors of voices and learning about them. It is actually very amazing how different the same songs can be depending on who plays. Music they are playing shows their happiness, joy, sadness, struggles, and nervousness. It is always fun and feels great if I win the competition. I felt really proud of myself when I won Southwestern Youth Music Festival in first place along with Music Teacher’s Association of California, in which I got 2nd place and recent participation in the Satori competition where I got 2nd place.  However, if I don’t win, I know I learn. Every competition can be a great opportunity for me to connect with other people and grow as a better musician and person.

Currently I am attending Orange Country School of Art (OCSA). OCSA is a school with focuses in education in Art.  It was a competitive process to get accepted to the program I wanted. Auditioning was challenging but it was also a confidence building process as well. Throughout the process, I tried to be my true self to show who I really am as a piano player and it worked.  I got accepted to the piano conservatory program in OCSA. At my school,  I met great friends and teachers who have been great inspiration and support to me.  Many master classes with Frederic Chiu, Dr. Polischuk, and Dr. Shpachenko help me to improve my knowledge and skills as a piano musician.  

Recently, I joined a Baroque music organization called Orange County Early Music (OCEM), where I became a member of the Board of Directors. It is a non-profit organization that helps to increase awareness of music in the Baroque period. We have our own website and Youtube channel to introduce instruments and great composers from the Baroque era. Due to pandemic, we use different channels to reach out to people in the community and the world. The members are trying to help other people to understand the power of music and together we are growing up to learn bridging and connecting people through music.

That is the true meaning of music.

My journey to the great world of music continues. I know I may fall sometimes, but I will bounce back. I know I may struggle, but I will overcome with the love and trust of the power of music. 

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