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Helena Królówna (vocal)

 Helena Królówna (16 years old) was born and lives in Gdańsk in Poland. She is a student of Zygmunt Noskowski Music School (2nd level of education) in Gdynia. Helena studies on two specialities: vocalism and instrumental studies (piano).

From the very beginning of her musical education, Helena has exhibited her distinctive sense of music, which allowed her to take part in many piano, chamber music and vocal competitions, both regional, national and international. She is a laureate of over 30 competitions. 

The passion of Helena as a pianist is to turn toward the historical interpretation, including not only playing technique of specific music era and playing on period instruments, but also historical tempo. Deep research, which has been done on the topic, proves that nowdays classical music is performed way too hurriedly. Helena wants to get as close as it is possible to historical performance accuracy and show the beauty of such music.

Helena wants to develop her voice in bel canto technique. She is dreaming about mastering her voice following the example of famous great polish sopranos - Bogna Sokorska and Halina Mickiewiczówna. Helena also plans to become an orchestra conductor to fully express herself and share her vision of music with the world.

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