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Grace Graham


My name is Grace Graham and I am a Junior Vocal Performance student at Drake University. I have been studying voice since the seventh grade, and quickly took a liking to opera, particularly Mozart’s comedic operas. Because of my passion for his music, I quickly became “the girl who sings opera” in school. Growing up in small-town Iowa, it seemed such an odd thing to do, especially as there is a gross stereotype of opera singers. 

Nevertheless, I continued learning about and singing opera, and have learned confidence through singing and a comfortability on stage that I can translate to everyday life. Besides singing, I am also an avid home baker, have a passion for historical fashion, and find repose in the outdoors. 

I would like to thank those who have helped me grow as a singer and individual. I also want to express how honored I am for being selected as a finalist. I hope in some way I can bring joy and laughter to the world through song!"

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