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Elizaveta Tomanova

Elizaveta Tomanova was born on June 22, 1997 in Novy Urengoy.

Since 6 years actively participates in the International competitions in Russia, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, China, Lithuania. She is a laureate and holder of the Grand Prix of : Shostakovich (Moscow), the International Competition. G. Sviridov (St. Petersburg), the International Competition. Scriabin (Paris, France), the International Competition "Carlo Mosso" (Alexandria, Italy), the International Competition "Vila de Capdepera" (Spain), the International Competition. Savshinsky (St. Petersburg), the International competition ""Dedication to S. Prokofiev"" and many others.

     She took part in the International Festival in Germany (Kassel), at the Russian-Polish Festival ""Youth Academy of Arts"" (Moscow), in the Music and Art Festival of the Svyatoslav Richter Foundation.

     For high results in the International contest "Luigi Denza" was awarded the medal of the European Parliament, as well as the medal of the Senate of the Republic of Italy.

     Liza - the winner of the Russian competition "Young talents of Russia"(Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation); Fellow of the Public Charitable Foundation "New Names" under the leadership of Denis Matsuev; Holder of the “Hopes of Russia” grant.


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