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Clara Kim

Clara Kim has played the piano for 5 years ever since she began her piano lessons with Dr. Joo when she was 7 years old. 

In 2017: 

AAMS competition (3rd Place);

YMIC Metropolitan Music Festival (2nd Place); and

NVMTA concerto Festival and Fall Festival (Superior)

In 2018:

Centerstage of Reston Community Center;

MVMTA piano Ensemble Festival (2nd Place);

MSMTA piano Ensemble Competition (3rd Place);

Goldenkey Music Festival at Carnegie Hall (Gold prize); and

AAMS Competition (Honorable mention)

In 2019:

Annual Music Competition at George Mason University (Honors Recital)

YMIC Metropolitan Music Festival  Solo(1 st Place)

2019 Elite International Music Competition(1 st place)

2019NVMTA  Judged Recital (Honorable mention)

In 2020:

2020 Lions Club Bland Music Competition(2nd Place)

Bach Baroque festival  2nd round winner

Sonata Festival 2nd round winner

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