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Chloe Kim

 Chloe Kim, 7 years old, is a 2nd grader at Colin Powell ES in Certteville, VA. She has started learning piano at the age of 5 under tutelage of Dr. Mihyang Joo. Chloe is a first place winner of YMIC Metropolitan Music Festival in Piano Competition Category in 2019. She has also been awarded as a first place winner at the same competition in String Solo Category. She is 3rd place winner from NVMTA Piano concerto festival in 2020. Recently Chloe has been selected as a finalist from the 2020 Washington Universal Piano Competition and participatedChloe has performed several venues including Mansion at the Strathmore, Women's Club of Arlington. Chloe loves to be creative by using miscellaneous item and also loves to draw. Other than learning piano,  she is learning Violin wirh Mrs. Olga Khrlevitch since she was 5. 

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