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Ching Yin Stephanie Kwok

Stephanie is a seven-year-old girl who loves sharing and performing her harp music with people.  She was amazed by what she could bring to others with this dear friend and has performed in concert halls, elderly centres, hospitals, school fairs, friend's weddings and shopping malls.  Since the age of four, Stephanie has made friends around the world by joining international music competitions and events.  She is passionate and enthusiastic in performing on stage and has played music to audience in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Belgium.

Over the past few years, she has won in multiple local and international competitions.  The most recent awards are as follows:


Tokyo International Youth Music Competition 2020 Preliminary Round (Champion, Harp ABRSM Grade 3)

The 21st OSAKA International Music Competition DVD Audition (Gold Prize)

International Music Competition Salzburg ""Grand Prize Virtuoso"" (1st Prize)

2020 The North International Music Competition (1st Prize Winner)

Music @ e-Contest 2020 (2nd Round) (Silver Award, Harp Solo)

Rising Star London Competition 2020 (Season 2) (2nd Place, Youth Musician Category)

Rising Stars Grand Prix International Music Competition Berlin (Honorable Mention)

Hong Kong Joint School Music Association Joint School Music Competition 2020 (Silver Prize)

The 1st Hong Kong Asian Youth Harp Competition (3rd Place and Gold Prize)

4th Brilliant Talent Discovery Awards International Music Competition (Bronze Award, Harp Solo)


International Music Competition Brussels ""Grand Prize Virtuoso"" (1st Prize)

The 20th OSAKA International Music Competition DVD Audition (Gold Prize)

2019 Singapore HarpFest VI - Solo Harp Competition (2nd Prize, Category 1: M. Grandjany)

International Fringe Music Festival & Competition 2019 (2nd Prize with 1st Class Honour)

HKYPAF The 6th Hong Kong International Youth Performance Arts Festival 

(Gold Prize, International Final: ABRSM Harp Class - Children Class)

Since 2020, Stephanie has started learning improvisation and song accompaniment with the harp.  She has also participated in a harp ensemble. Besides, she has started running her own YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYR9lvPZKLgx9Xf86-EA53A/featured) to record her music journey and share music to the world. 

Stephanie loves music with harp. She hopes she will become a creative harpist and bring love and positive changes to the world in the future.

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