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Anay Koorapaty

 Anay Koorapaty was born in Durham, North Carolina. Anay is currently a 12th grader at Saratoga High School in Saratoga, California. Anay has been learning to play the violin since the age of five and has played in an orchestra since fourth grade. Since seventh grade, Anay has been a violinist in the best orchestra in his school. Anay is currently one of the top violinists in Saratoga Strings, the top orchestra in Saratoga High School. As a middle schooler, Anay played with his orchestra at George Lucas’ recording studio and Disney Performing Arts. In 10th grade, Anay played at the Midwest International Clinic. Anay was scheduled to play this summer in the best music venues in Europe including the Berlin Philharmonie and the Musikverein in Vienna as well as in Dresden, Leipzig and Prague along with his orchestra. However, this trip was unfortunately cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Anay plans to continue playing violin as a college student. 

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