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Alica Mueller


Alica Müller, born in Düsseldorf in Germany started her first piano lesson at age four with her mother Ayako Koyama. Since age 15 she is studying first as young student, Bachelor of music and now in Master of music at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln with Professor Andreas Frölich.

She received many first prizes at the music competition „Jugend musiziert“ in Germany in categories of ensembles and piano solo.
Alica is also prize winner at national and international competitions like the „Steinway Klavierspiel Wettbewerb“ in Hamburg (1. Prize), „XVIII. Concurso internacional de piano Rotary (AAF)“ in Mallorca (2. Prize and Special Prize), „17th Evangelia Tjiarri International Piano Competition (AAF)” in Larnaca/Zypern (1. Prize), „II. Maria Herrero Concurso (AFF)“ in Granada/Spain (1. Prize), „1st International Competition Italy“ in Pescara (2. Prize), „Concurso Internacional de Piano de Campillos“ in Spain (3. Prize), „27th European Music Competition“ in Moncalieri/Italy (1. absolute Prize), „César Franck International Piano Compeition“ in Brüssel (1.Prize), Medenus-Festival in Rösrath/Germany (1. Prize), „XIII. Mozart International Piano Competition“ in Rom (2.Prize and Mozart-Prize) and more.

In summer 2015 Alica was chosen from 870 participants of the Summer Academy Mozarteum in Salzburg/Austria as prize winner and played in the „Salzburger Festspiele“. 

Alica is giving concerts all over Europe and participated in different festivals like at Klavierfestival Ruhr in the Essener Philharmonie and in the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum, in the Cologne Philharmonie, at Euriade Festival, in Casa Milà - „La Pedrera“ in Barcelona, at the Goisener Schlossfestspiele, at the Tegernseer Golf- and Music days, at Karlsprize in Aachen, at Phönix- Festival in Aachen, at Medenus-Festival in Rösrath and more. With her Cello partner Roger Morelló Ros she is supported since 2018 from the „Werner Richard - Dr. Carl Dörken Stiftung“ and won also the first prize at Brigitte-Kempen Wettbewerb in Germany. 

Master classes with Prof. Karl- Heinz Kämmerling, Prof. Dina Parakhina, Prof. Ilja Scheps, Prof. Arkadi Zenziper, Prof. Giuliano Mazzoccante, Prof. Leonel Morales and Prof. Pavel Gililov influenced her interpretation.

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