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Anna Bruno

Anna Bruno has been playing piano for five years.  She started when she was ten years old, with the teacher she is still currently with, Mrs. Barbara Wirz Ellsworth.  She has been progressing through the Royal Conservatory of Music, and was awarded First Class Honors With Distinction for multiple exams.  Anna has been invited to Recitals of Excellence Performances based on the exam scores, and scored the highest mark in the academic year for Illinois in Level 2 and Level 5; she recently completed Level 6 and is progressing in Level 7.  

Anna Bruno also plays piano at a local church, where she is an active member.  Entering her sophomore year, she is a member of the Seneca High School Jazz Band and recently joined the choir.  Anna runs track for Seneca, where she is a hardworking sprinter and jumper.  She hopes to continue her music studies in order to become a piano teacher.

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