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Mehana Ellis

I’m a homeschooled 10th grader studying piano with Annamarie McCarthy at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. I found my passion for piano when I was teaching myself at 2 years old. I started lessons at age 4, but my main instrument was violin for a decade. In 8th grade, I switched to piano as my primary instrument and found I was better able to musically express myself. 

I’ve been a student for five years in the pre-college program at SFCM, where I have been a tutor for musicianship. I’ve participated in chamber groups as a violinist, and I have experience as first violinist for an ensemble. I have perfect pitch and love music theory and analyzing classical music. I’ve written a piano trio called “3 Wishes and What Comes After” and a string quartet called “Snoopy Museum: Santa Rosa Fire.” I have taken classes in sound design/film scoring and conducting at SFCM.

In my free time, I enjoy practicing piano and making videos for my YouTube channel. My other great passion is mathematics, and I enjoy researching and doing interesting proofs.

—GCC Rising Talents of the Americas (2nd place, 2020)
—GCC Artist of the Year (2nd place, 2020)
—GCC Best Liszt Performance (3rd place, 2020)
—GCC The Art of Piano (2nd place, 2020)

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