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Mehana Ellis

I’m a homeschooled 10th grader studying piano with Annamarie McCarthy at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. I found my passion for piano when I was teaching myself at 2 years old. I started lessons at age 4, but my main instrument was violin for a decade. In 8th grade, I switched to piano as my primary instrument and found I was better able to express myself musically. 

I’ve been a student for five years in the pre-college program at SFCM, where I have been a tutor for musicianship. I’ve participated in chamber groups as a violinist, and I have experience as first violinist for a group. I have perfect pitch and love music theory and analyzing classical music. I’ve written a piano trio called “3 Wishes and What Comes After” and a string quartet called “Snoopy Museum: Santa Rosa Fire.” Recently I’ve taken classes in sound design and have done projects scoring short films and video games.

In my free time, I enjoy coming up with piano covers of modern songs, and my other great passion is mathematics. I enjoy doing competition math as well as writing proofs and research papers. I hope to major in mathematics while keeping piano a large part of my life. "

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