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Julia Solarz

Julia Solarz was born in 2009 in Jaworzno, Poland. She is a student of the Grażyna Bacewicz State Music School of 1st degree in Jaworzno (violin class by prof. Marzenna Synowiec). The young musician is the laureate of many awards as a soloist at national and international violin competitions in: Warsaw, Cracow, Rybnik, Olkusz, Sochaczew, Toruń, Ostrava and Dolny Kubin. Up till now she has been training and participating in violin workshops in Łańcut and Łeba in order to develop her skills. 

She was a participant of the Zenon Brzewski International Music Courses in Łańcut in 2018 and 2019 (attended the masterclass of prof. Agata Szymczewska). She was a representative of the masterclass at the Ball Room in Łańcut Castle. She was also a member of the younger string orchestras under the baton of prof. Marek Szwarc (2018) and Maksym Dondalski (2019). She worked there in string ensembles with prof. Gotthard Popp and prof. Łukasz Syrnicki, too. 

 As a soloist she took part in a proffessional recording session at the Infra Sound recording studio in Cracow. She’s been a scholar of the President of Jaworzno in the field of art (2020).

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