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Duo Rex

The Duo Rex was created in 2018 by Guiomar Ortiz and Pelayo Ciria, both piano students at the Centro Superior Katarina Gurska in Madrid, under the tutelage of Brun Vlahek.

In their short history as a duo, they have performed at the Rector’s Palace, and in the concert hall of the Laus Academy (Dubrovnik, Croatia) where they took part in the international master classes of the Laus Academy in the summer of 2019.

They have also given recitals in Avilés' house of culture and their hometown, Madrid, in different concert halls, such as El Ateneo de Madrid, presenting alternative programs that include pieces from the Baroque to contemporary pieces of our day and other disciplines such as improvisation.

Guiomar and Pelayo have achieved important distinctions in various international competitions and both stand out for their creativity and musicality.

Guiomar Ortiz García, piano
Pelayo Ciria Capa, piano

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