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Diane Shin

 Diane Shih is an upcoming Sophomore at Wilcox High School. She's been playing piano since the young age of 5 and hasn't stopped since. Now, she is currently studying with Miss Erna Gulabyan and has studied with her for 6 years. From her, Diane has been able to thrive, learn countless lessons, and fully enjoy piano and music. She has been truly essential to Diane's learning and development. Aside from piano, Diane was also introduced to the cello when she was in the 3rd grade. With her experience in playing in an orchestra throughout elementary, middle, and, as of right now, high school levels, Diane has been able to expand and deepen her knowledge and understanding of music. Additionally, Diane has participated in composition competitions since the age of 12, composing for various instruments including the piano, full orchestras, and full concert bands. In her free time, Diane competes competitively in fencing, where she placed 2nd at nationals in 2019. 

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