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Angela Yuan

Hello! I'm a sophomore high school student from Maryland and this is my 11th year playing the piano. Over the past years, I've earned numerous awards from local, state, tri-state, regional, and international competitions. To mention a few, I was honored with 1st place three times, second place twice, and third place 3 times at recitals. In Maryland, state competitions (MSMTA, among others), I have earned honorable mention, third places, second place, and first place. I was also awarded at the tri-state Miriam Shields Gottlieb Memorial Piano Competition. I have been honored multiple times in the Washington, D.C. Metro area, including a trophy recognizing outstanding performance from the Washington Care Foundation, publication in a piano magazine for my piano experience, and other merit awards for my performances. I have participated in the annual National Guild Piano Auditions for 9 years, ultimately reaching the Collegiate class (the maximum audition level for my age). Last December, I had the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City, a truly unique and motivating experience as a musician.

However, beyond the tangible awards I have earned, I take my piano experience and skills to contribute to my community and the world around me. I have performed frequently at senior homes, hospitals, and have hosted recitals. I'm currently volunteering for an local music organization, the Tacy Foundation, that empowers children and teens in the Nation's Capital by ""inspiring hope, note by note.""

Further, my self-motivation and my own piano journey encouraged me to found my organization called Noteworthy. Through the philanthropic power of music, I aim to inspire everyone to practice self-reflection, exploration, and the genuine pursuits of their ambitions in life, not what society dictates. I hope that the audience and listeners can hear the passion and emotions that I incorporate into my performances (as it is my form of storytelling) and to then feel inspired to discover and pursue their own interests. Thus, I strive to empower a perspective change to motivate others to work towards their personal endeavors. So far, some tasks I have accomplished include having 14 major performances and mentoring young students to develop their musical skills. I am currently collaborating with a nationwide group of musicians to publish content, including online lessons, blogs, and virtual ensembles, even during the quarantine. In the near future, I am planning to record and send CDs of my performances to orphanages, hospitals, senior centers, and disadvantaged areas. I believe the tangible CDs resemble a souvenir of the memories associated with the pieces, a souvenir of the places explored in one's minds, and I would love to share a snippet of my thoughts with others.

I am extremely grateful that I have found my form of self-expression through music. The lessons I learn by playing the piano is applicable to many other aspects of my life and continues to help me grow to become a more mindful and expressive individual.

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