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Yuechen Cao

Yuechen Cao, 7 years old, lives in Canada. She started taking piano studies at the age of 5 and has been under the tutoring of Mrs. Angela Ho since 6 years old. With her passion for piano and persistence in practice, she won the First Prize in Crescendo International Competition 2019-2020. Thanks to the honor, she has been invited to stage a masterful performance at the Winners Recital of Crescendo International Music Competition, at the world famous New York Carnegie Hall in February 2020. She also won the First Prize in The Music of 18th Century at the Great Composers Competition 2020.

Yuechen Cao will continuously dedicate to her piano study, not only the techniques and the theories, but also the feelings and the thoughts behind the music. She enjoys the happiness that music has brought to her and she hopes to be part of the music when she plays with the piano.

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