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Sherry Luo

Sherry Luo, thirteen years old, started playing piano at the age of six. She played for fun
and entertainment, performing in group shows and occasionally solos in the first 2 years.
At the age of 8, she started her formal training and focusing more on finger exercises.
Since then, Sherry has performed at many places such as: retirement homes, talent
shows, parties, and cultural events. In March of 2017, Sherry, in her first competition of RMTA Piano Recital, received honorable mention. Fall of 2017, she participated in the VMTA
Music Fall Festival Performance and was categorized in the Superior Level. In
December of 2017, Sherry performed at Virginia Commonwealth University for the 2017
VCU Pianofest. She recently received third place in The Music of Germany and Austria. Sherry also participates in yearly RMTA sight reading and theory tests. Besides piano, she enjoys photography and swims for NOVA of Virginia Aquatics competitively.

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