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Sabina Sandvoss

Cellist Sabina Sandvoss, was born into a musical family and received a cello for her fourth birthday.  Since then she has enjoyed a musical life attending countless concerts and receiving many diverse artistic influences.

Sabina is in the Advanced Performance Program at Mount Royal University Conservatory where she has had the privilege to perform in masterclasses with cellists such as Alan Harris, Melissa Kraut, Estelle Choi, Tanja Tetzlaff, Colin Carr, and Johannes Moser.  Sabina has successfully participated in numerous competitions including the Calgary Performing Arts Festival, Canadian Music Competition, and Contemporary Showcase.  She has advanced to the Provincial and National levels in both the Calgary Performing Arts Festival and the Canadian Music Competition on numerous occasions.  Sabina receives her mentoring from her mother, cellist Beth Root Sandvoss and performs on a cello handcrafted by her father, Christopher Tilman Sandvoss.

When not playing the cello, Sabina enjoys singing, reading, drawing, hiking, cross-country skiing, and spending time with friends.  She lives in Bragg Creek, Alberta enjoying the outdoors with her parents, brother, Tilman, and their dog Gromit.

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