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Pawel Iwanowicz

Paweł Iwanowicz
"I learn playing violin fifth year in Karol Szymanowski Primary and Secondary Music School in Wrocław in the violin class of Karol Lipinski-Branka. I took part in many competitions with successes, e.g. 
"Silver bow" in competition "Little bows" in Opole (2017), 
1st prize in ""III Competition of Young Talents"" in Czerwionka-Leszczyny (2017), 
"Diploma of Distinction" in VIII Interschool Competition ""Little Violinist"" in Leszno (2018),
1st prize in School Competition in Primary and Secondary Music School in Wrocław ()2018,
2nd prize in ""Nationwide Violin Games"" in Zbąszyń (2019),
"Diploma of Distinction" in ""II Nationwide Violin Competition" in Oborniki Śląskie (2020),
2nd prize in ""The Music of Eastern Europe"" competition (2020).
I took part in several masterclasses with great teachers too.
I'm also interested in chemistry and making magic tricks.
I like violin very much and i hope to be a proffesional in future!

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