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Nicole Bronder

I am violin student in the Karol Szymanowski 2nd Degree Music School in Katowice in the violin class of PhD Adam Wagner. I have participated in many competitions (as a soloist and a chamber musician) and masterclasses, where I had opportunity to work with great Polish violinists such as prof. Maciej Rakowski (Royal Academy of Music in London), prof. Sławomir Tomasik (Frideric Chopin Music University in Warsaw), PhD Jan Stanienda (Frideric Chopin Music University in Warsaw), prof. Bartosz Bryła (Academy of Music in Poznań) and many more. I am also dedicated orchestra musician. I have taken part in orchestral courses (eg. European Musical Workshops in Kołobrzeg), festivals (eg. La Folle Journée in Warsaw) or projects in which I had a chance to play in professional orchestras (eg. Sinfonia Varsovia or OMN- New Music Orchestra).

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