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Natalie Nizi Chee

Natalie studies piano since she was three, and harp since five. She has great passion on music since toddler and has the natural association with rhythm and musical tones. She often challenges herself on pieces that surpass her trained skills and have special love on classical and jazz pieces.

Natalie learns harp playing from Ms Constance Tsang in Hong Kong and Mr Andrew Chan of Toronto, Canada. As she develops her musical inspirations and techniques, she was attracted by performing in which very often her peak performances were unveiled. When she was six, she was bestowed with the Gold Award in the Intermediate Class of Harp Solo in the Hong Kong Joint School Music Association Music Competition in 2017. In the same year, she achieved the First Honour at Harp in the Intermediate Class of the Hong Kong Virtuosos Music Competition and in the following year, the First Runner-up at Solo Harp.
At eight, she was qualified both at harp and piano and took part in the Inter-School International Performance Challenge held in Okinawa and was awarded the Champions in both categories. In the Singapore Harpfest VI 2019, she acquired the First Prize and was elected for the Jury's Choice Award in Category 1 – Carlos Salzedo. She was the Champion in the Tokyo International Youth Music Competition 2019 (Hong Kong Region) at Harp (Children Class).

Natalie extends her love of music to charity by performing solo harp pieces in many charitable events and concerts. Her aspirations at harp radiates, often echoed with applause and admirations. To expand her knowledge, skill and techniques at harp, she attended various master classes of renowned harpists like Mr Nartan Savona in the Jazz Improvisation Masterclass, Ms Catrin Finch and Ms Marcella Carboni.

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