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Howard Luo

Ten year old boy, Howard Luo, has been studying piano for 4 years. In the first two years of studying piano, Howard presented himself as a talented young musician. Without any special training, he can recognize 5 harmonic tones and transpose melodies. He also enjoys composing his own music. Since 2017, he has participated in “Reflections”- a local artistic talent competition. Howard has won second place in the music composition category three times. In 2019, he started attending piano competitions and won many awards. He won First Place in the 2019 Richmond Bach Competition. Shortly after, he won Alternative First Place Winner in Virginia Central District Piano Audition.  In Jan 2020, he received third place in American Protege International Piano & Strings Competition 2020 and invited to perform in New York Carnegie Hall.  Recently he also won the second place in Great Composers Series - Music of Germany and Austria. Other than playing piano, Howard loves swimming. He is top swimmer in NOVA for the 9-10 age Group.

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