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Budzynska - Ogryzek Duo

Photo by Anita Wąsik-Płocińska

Budzyńska-Ogryzek Duo consists of Zuzanna Małgorzata Budzyńska (violin) and Szymon Ogryzek (piano). Currently they are students of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. Zuzanna studies with Professor Andrzej Gębski, Szymon studies with Professor Joanna Ławrynowicz-Just. They study chamber music with Professor Krystyna Makowska-Ławrynowicz. In the years 2018-2019 they received a scholarship from the Erasmus+ Program, which allowed them to study at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna with Professors Edward Zienkowski (violin), Jan Jiracek von Arnim (piano) and Marialena Fernandes (chamber music).

Budzyńska-Ogryzek Duo recorded two CDs together. "ARS POETICA" was recorded as a result of winning a scholarship of the Societe Generale Bank and was released in 2018. Their last CD as a duo - "POLONAISES" (DUX 1523) was recorded as a result of winning the Polish Institute of Music and Dance's Program "Musical Track 2018". The CD was financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and released in January 2019. It presents the most beautiful polonaises for violin and piano in the output of Polish composers. It gained fantastic reviews from international critics, such as Maciej Chiżyński (ICMA juror, critic for the French Res Musica) or Uwe Krusch (critic for the PIZZICATO Magazine from Luxembourg), as well as from many renowned Polish critics and journalists. "POLONAISES" can be purchased in a majority of music stores internationally, as well as streamed on all the major online platforms.

They are both active soloists and chamber musicians. They performed recitals in Poland, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Russia and United Arab Emirates. They gave concerts in the most important Polish philharmonic halls (i.a.: the National-, Świętokrzyska-, Podparpacka-, Lubelska- or Warmińsko-Mazurska Philharmonic Halls) and during prestigious events, such as the European Museum Night in the concert hall of the Polish Library in Paris. They have a China concert tour scheduled for 2021, where they will perform ten Polish music recitals, both as a duo and as Cuore Piano Trio (with cellist Jadwiga Roguska), as a result of winning the International Music Competition for "Concert Tours to China" 2020.

Budzyńska-Ogryzek Duo are laureates of many international chamber music competitions and distinctions, such as:
- The ""Coryphaeus of the Polish"" Prize in the ""Discovery of the Year"" category - a prestigious honorary prize of the Polish music society awarded by the Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw 2019,
- 1st Prize - 4. North International Music Competition in Stockholm, Sweden 2019,
- 1st Prize - IMKA International Music Competition in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2019,
- 3rd Prize - eMuse International Music Competition in Athens, Greece 2018,
- 1st Prize - 17. Juliusz Zarębski International Music Competition, Warsaw 2017.

They are scholarship holders of the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the Polish National Centre of Culture, the Centre for Artistic Education, Societe Generale Bank, the Rector of the F. Chopin University of Music and others.

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