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Boris Trifonov

Study in National School of Music and Dance ""Dobrin Petkov"" - Plovdiv.
Scored ""Good"" at ""Les Cles d'Or"" international Piano Competition, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 23.04.2017;
3rd Prize at ""Stella Oslekova"" National Competition for Young Pianists, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 09.10.2017;
2nd Prize at VI National Piano Competition ""Schumann - Brahms"", Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 02.11.2017;
2nd Prize at ""De Bach Au Jazz"" International Piano Competition, Athens, Greece, 13.04.2018;
1st Prize at National Competition for Young Talents ""Road to Glory"", Sofia, Bulgaria, 10.02.2019;
1st Prize at VI International Competition, Smederevo, Serbia, 09.05.2019.

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