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Bartosz Olszewski

I was born on March 22, 2008 in Wrocław. 
At the age of 6, I started learning to play the violin. Currently, I am a student of the 6th grade at the Karol Szymanowski’s 1st and 2nd degree General Music School in Wrocław – Poland, in the violin classes of my mother - prof. Aneta Olszewska and prof. Christian Danowicz
From an early age I have been fascinated by this instrument. I play as well as classical and contemporary literature composed for the violin. I also perfect my skills at numerous courses and workshops under the supervision of many outstanding violinists and teachers ( including Winter and Summer violin Workshops ""Students of Masters"" in Krzyżowa - Poland, organized by the Artistic Agency ""Young Paganini"".

I am a winner and  laureate of many national and international violin competitions.
(This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, some of the competitions were held online) : For example :

-Grand Prix - XV  International Forum of Young Instrumentalists - Rybnik 2020

-Silver Medal – 5th Manhattan International Music Competition (on-line) – 10.2020

-1st place – International Music Competition – “Masters of Violin Concerto” - Great Composers Competition series (on-line) - 08.10.2020   

-2nd place – International Music Competition - “Artist of the Year” – Season 2019/2020 - Great Composers Competition series ( on -line) – 07.09.2020

- 1st place - International Music Competition ""Rising Stars of Europe"" - London     (on-line) - 08/06/2020 
- 1st place - International Music Competition ""Music of the XX th Centures"" - London (on-line) - 08/05/2020 
- 1st place - International Music Competition ""Music of the XIX th Centures"" - London (on-line) - 08/05/2020 
- 1st place - Great Composers Inertnational Competition ""The Music of Eastern Europe"" (on-line) - April 8, 2020.
 - 1st place - Great Composers Inertnational Competition ""The Music of Germany end Austria"" (on-line) - 08/04/2020 
- Finalist - Internationaler Anton Rubinstein Wettbewerb 2020 - Violine Junior - Düsseldorf - 04/05/2020
-2nd place - II Polish Music Violin Competition in Częstochowa - March 1, 2020.        And an additional special award - an invitation to perform as a soloist, a chamber concert at the National Forum of Music in Wrocław in December 2020. 
- 1st place - 4th Polish National Violin Competition J. Kaliszewska in Poznań - November 29 - December 1, 2019. And an additional - Special Award -"" For the best performance of an etude"".
- Grand Prix - 3rd Polish National Violin Games - Zbąszyń 2019.
 - 1st prize - 18th International Violin Competition ""Janko Muzykant"" - Sochaczew 2019.
- 1st place - 3rd National Competition ""Violin Talents 2019"" - Poznań
 - 1st place - 5th National Violin Competition - Toruń 2019 
- 1st place - VIII International Competition Janina Garści - Stalowa Wola 2018. 
- 1st prize - 2nd National Competition ""Violin Talents 2018"" .                                    And an additional - ""Special Award for Sound Qualities"". 
- Grand Prix - XIV Polish National Violin Competition Grażyna Bacewicz - Wrocław 2018 
- Grand Prix - School Competition for Violin and Viola Classes of String Instruments and Guitar - OSM I and II degree in Wrocław 2018.
- 1st place - VIII Polish National Violin Competition in Warsaw ""Oscar Rieding Master  of Children's Literature"" - Warsaw - 2017.
 - 1st place - 17th International Violin Competition in Sochaczew  ""Janko Muzykant"" - 2017
 - 3rd place - XXI International Violin Competition Josef Muziky in Nowa Paka - Czech Republic - 2017
- 3rd place - 7th Chrzanów Meetings of Young Instrumentalists in Chrzanów - 2016
- 1st place - School competition for 2nd and 3rd classes at the 1st degree Music  School G. Bacewicz in Wrocław - 2016
- 1st place - 5th Interschool Violin Interpretation Competition in Opole - 2016.
 - 1st place - 12th Interschool Miniature Competition in Lubań - 2016.
- 3rd place - VII National Violin Competition in Warsaw - O. Rieding - ""Master of children's literature"" - 2015
I am appreciated for my talent and achievements. For several years I have been covered by the scholarship program for exceptionally gifted young artists, funded by the Mayor of Wrocław and the Mayor of the Siechnice Commune. My passion is also singing and theater. He implements it by participating in Vocal and Acting workshops and performances organized by the National Forum of Music in Wrocław-Poland.

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