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Allison Hsieh

Allison is a student at Lynbrook High School who has been playing piano since she was five years old. She is a member of Music for Community, a club that seeks to improve the community through the performance of music. While studying piano from Rose Chen, Allison has been an active member in the piano community, having taken master classes with Ruth Slenczynska, Meng-Chieh Liu , Chih-Long Hu, and Dennis Lee, while also winning various awards for the US Open Music Competition: fourth place for Open Solo 4 (2012), Treasury of Romantic Intermediate (2013), and Treasury of Baroque Intermediate (2015); first place for Open Solo 8 (2016) and Treasury of Romantic Senior (2016); and third place for Showcase Piano Solo Senior (2020). Allison has also participated in hosting benefit piano concerts for Music for Minors, an organization dedicated to bringing music education to rural villages. Aside from piano, she also enjoys playing volleyball and translating web novels from Chinese to English.

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