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Aleksander Olszewski

Aleksander Olszewski  was born on December  11 in Wrocław, Poland. 

He Is Young Fluist, who finished first step of music education at the Karol Szymanowski  Primary and secondary Music  School in Wrocław with special dyplom, Then He passed entrance exams to Music Academie in Kraków on first place, and now He is student of the 3rd year of bachelor's degree at this university in Dr.Hab. Wiesław Suruło flute class. From a young age his passion was playing the flute, even before he went to music school he played all day on a small wooden flute at home.
He has many achievements in Polish and international competitions :

- 1st place - 10th International Flute Competition in Serbia - Valijewo, Serbia 2017.
- Distinction - XVI International Flute Festival in Sochaczew - Sochaczew, Poland 2017
- Participant in the Final Stage - 11th International Wind Instruments Competition -   Jastrzębie Zdrój, Poland  2016
- 2nd place - International competition of wind instruments "Finalis" - Bialystok, Poland 2017
- 2nd place - International wind instrument competition "Finalis" - Białystok, Poland 2019
- 3rd place - International Instrumental Competition - Palmanova, Italy 2018
- Second highest score - National auditions of CEA, Poland 2016
- Winner of the scholarship of the President of Wrocław - Poland -2017 and 2018
In addition, from an early age, Aleksander actively participates in many music courses and workshops, learning from the most outstanding educators from around the world, including prof. Dejan Gavric, prof. Aldo Baerten, prof. Paolo Tabalione, prof. Wally Hasse.

He is also a member of many outstanding orchestras, playing many concerts in Poland and abroad, including Symphonic Prince Orchestra, Krakow Youth Festival Orchestra, Pro Musica Foundation Orchestra, Zdrojowa Symphony Orchestra.

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