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Morgan Pychowycz

As a teenager some of my interests lay in music (piano and viola). I belong to the Junior Fortnightly Music Club (member of OFMC) at the Esther Chu studio in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, in which I have received several Cups for piano. I also perform in the Strongsville High School String Orchestra which has one of the top rankings in music in Ohio schools. I also have enjoyed dance since 2009 both contemporary and traditional Chinese. Our dance group, Lingyun Rising Star which has won both the Regional in Chicago and the Internationals in 2018 in the Taoli Dance Competition held in Berkeley, California, USA with a "Platinum award" for "Plum Blossom in Snow" in Chinese Contemporary Dance. Art in the form of drawing and oil painting are also included in my past times. Music however soothes my soul and sets my spirit on fire. This helps me focus on my school work and helps me work out other difficulties in my life. Man shows himself to the world not in what he takes in but in how colorfully he expresses himself toward others.

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